Menikmati hidup

​Menikmati Hidup karena Hidup adalah Kemenangan!!

Untuk dapat menikmati hidup, hal terpenting yang perlu Anda lakukan adalah menjadi SADAR. Inti kepemimpinan adalah kesadaran. Inti spiritualitas juga adalah kesadaran. Banyak orang yang menjalani hidup ini dalam keadaan ”tertidur.’ ‘ Mereka lahir, tumbuh, menikah, mencari nafkah, membesarkan anak, dan akhirnya meninggal dalam keadaan ”tertidur.’ ‘

Pengertian menyadari amat berbeda dengan mengetahui. Anda tahu berolah raga penting untuk kesehatan, tapi Anda tidak juga melakukannya. Anda tahu berbohong itu dosa tetapi anda masih melakukannya, tapi Anda menikmatinya. Anda tahu berselingkuh dapat menghancurkan keluarga, tapi Anda tidak dapat menahan godaan. Itulah contoh tahu tapi tidak sadar dan masih bayak lagi. 

Menikmati hidup

Hidup ada untuk dinikmati Walaupun hidup sering terbelenggu oleh ketamakan manusia, Walupun hidup sering penuh rintangan dan cobaan.

Karena tak ada manusia yang dapat mengatur kapan, dimana, atau bagaimana dia akan lahir.Hidup memang ada untuk kita nikmati
Kelahiran adalah awal dan kematian adalah akhir

Semuanya harus berakhir

Tak ada yang biasa menentukan kapan hidupnya Akan berakhir

Hidup itu sederhana

Nikmati dan jadilah besar tanpa harus bersungut akan apa yang dimiliki.


​Simple Present Tense English Grammar Rules

The simple present tense in English is used to describe an action that is regular, true or normal.We use the present tense:

1. For repeated or regular actions in the present time period.I take the train to the office.The train to Berlin leaves every hour.John sleeps eight hours every night during the week.

2. For facts.

The President of The USA lives in The White House.A dog has four legs.We come from Switzerland.

3. For habits.I get up early every day.Carol brushes her teeth twice a day.They travel to their country house every weekend.

4. For things that are always / generally true.

It rains a lot in winter.The Queen of England lives in Buckingham Palace.They speak English at work.

Verb Conjugation & Spelling

We form the present tense using the base form of the infinitive (without the TO).

In general, in the third person we add ‘S’ in the third person.
Subject Verb The Rest of the sentence

I / you / we / they speak / learn English at home

he / she / it speaks / learns English at home

The spelling for the verb in the third person differs depending on the ending of that verb:

1. For verbs that end in -O, -CH, -SH, -SS, -X, or -Z we add -ES in the third person.

go – goes

catch – catches

wash – washes

kiss – kisses

fix – fixes

buzz – buzzes

2. For verbs that end in a consonant + Y, we remove the Y and add -IES.

marry – marries
study – studies

carry – carries

worry – worries

NOTE: For verbs that end in a vowel + Y, we just add -S.

play – plays
enjoy – enjoys

say – says

Negative Sentences in the Simple Present Tense
To make a negative sentence in English we normally use Don’t or Doesn’t with all verbs EXCEPT To Be and Modal verbs (can, might, should etc.).

Affirmative: You speak French.
Negative: You don’t speak French.

You will see that we add don’t between the subject and the verb. We use Don’t when the subject is I, you, we or they.

Affirmative: He speaks German.
Negative: He doesn’t speak German.

When the subject is he, she or it, we add doesn’t between the subject and the verb to make a negative sentence. Notice that the letter S at the end of the verb in the affirmative sentence (because it is in third person) disappears in the negative sentence. We will see the reason why below.

Negative Contractions
Don’t = Do not

Doesn’t = Does not

I don’t like meat = I do not like meat.
There is no difference in meaning though we normally use contractions in spoken English.
Questions in the Simple Present Tense

To make a question in English we normally use Do or Does. It has no translation in Spanish though it is essential to show we are making a question. It is normally put at the beginning of the question.
Affirmative: You speak English.

Question: Do you speak English?



Unforgetable Ecperience with simple past tense


​family is everything 

we never felt depressed, sad and angry what if we were together. and we were always resolve the issue with a cool head. but one day there are people who are always close to disturb the harmony of our family, he knows our gap to make a fuss and fuss a religious issue for the sake of unity and togetherness tetepi I relented and I have prepared the words if he wanted to disturb my family.

Nama : rico prianggara

Kelas : 2D manajemen


My name is Rico Prianggara from 2D management class, a student in management department of muhamadiyah University of Bengkulu. I will recount my daily routine from the moment I wake up in the morning until I fall asleep at night. I always get up early at 05.00 a.m. I prayed at dawn and clean my room. I showered at 6 am I had breakfast at 7 am. I usually go to school by motorcycle. I always go to university about 60 minutes before class starts. When I arrived at my campus, I always parked my motorcycle behind my campus. My class lesson starts at while on campus, I meet my friends and lecturers. I studied on campus. This is lunch time and my dedice bought lunch with my friend. After our lunch, it’s time for prayer / prayers in the mosque near my campus. After my class was over, I went home again at 16.00 but sometimes at 17.00 and then I immediately prayed after my activities helped my mother clean the house and after that I was showering. At 18:10 I prayed maghrib and then listened to music or while resting in my bedroom until it was. At 19.15 prayer isya. After that my activities are prepared texbook for tomorrow and then I am ready to eat my dinner. 


💊. I always get up very early 

💊. I take a bath at 06.003. 

💊I had breakfast at 7.

 💊I went to campus at 7:30 am 

💊. I used to go to school on a motorcycle. 

💊. My class lesson starts at 08.00 

💊. I go home at 16.00

Nama : rico prianggara

Kelas : 2D manajemen


Preposition adalah kata Yang bersama objeknya ( disebut object of preposition)  menerangkn verb, noun, atau adjective, object of preoisition dapat berupa noun, pronoun, atau gurend, kata ini merupakan satu dari delapan part of speech bahasa inggris. 

Macam dan contoh preposition.                    Berdasarkan Fungsinya,ada beberapa macam preposition yaitu:

  1. Preposition of time.                                  Untuk memberi petunjuk waktu, ( at night, after lunc, during the strom). 
  2. Preposition of place and position.          Untuk memberi petunjuk tempat atau posisi ( among his friend, insude my pc, outside the auditorium.) 
  3. Preposition of movement.                       Untuk memberi petunjuk arah pergerakan ( toward the post office,go up strais, out of the hall).        

Prepositional phrase.                                      Kombinasi Antara preposition dengan object of preposition membentuk satu frasa yang di sebut prepositional phrase. 

     Prepositional yang membentuk prepositional phrase dapat hanya terdiri dari satu kata ( one word preposition: at, on,  it)  atau gabungan dengan part of speech lain ( compex prepisition: along with, as,  by means ot). 

Contoh prepositional phrase:

  1. Under the bridge
  2. At school
  3. Because of you.                                            Prepositional phrase dapat dibedakan menjadi adjectval prepositionl pharase dan adverbial propesitional phrase.                                  Adjectival berfungsi menerangkan noun, sedangkan adverbial berfungsi menerangkan verb, adjective atau adverb. 

Preposition of place an position adalah preposition yang di gunakan untuk menunjukkan tempat atau posisi. 

Nama : rico prianggara

Kelas  : 2D manajemen


Business equette

Business ethics is a way to conduct business activities, covering all aspects related to individuals, companies and society. Business Ethics in a company can shape the values, norms and behavior of employees and leaders in building a fair and healthy relationship with customers / partners, shareholders, the community. The company believes in good business principles is an ethical business, a business with superior performance and sustainable that is run by obeying the rules of ethics in line with applicable laws and regulations. Business Ethics can be the standard and guidance for all employees including management and make it a guideline to carry out daily work with a moral based on a noble, honest, transparent and professional attitude. Three basic approaches in formulating business ethics behavior are:  Utilitarian Approach: every action should be based on its consequences. Therefore, in acting one should follow the means that can bring the maximum benefit to society, in a way that is not harmful and with the lowest cost. Individual Rights Approach: Every person in his or her actions and conduct has basic rights that must be respected. But such actions or behavior should be avoided if it is expected to cause a conflict with the rights of others.  Justice Approach: decision makers have the same position, and act fairly in providing services to customers either individually or in groups.

Business Ethics

 Objectives Understanding Business Ethics and Purpose of Business Ethics Creation. Basically a business ethic is encouraged because it has a specific purpose and purpose in the business world. The purpose of business ethics is to run and create a business as fair as possible and adjust the laws that have been made. In addition, it is also intended to eliminate dependence on an individual or corporate position. This business ethics is wider than in terms of rules governed by applicable law, even when compared to minimum standards of legal provisions, business ethics is a higher standard or measure. This is because, in business activity is not uncommon we encounter a gray section and not regulated under the provisions of the law. Business Ethics Functions Understanding Business Ethics and Functions of Business Ethics. In the application of business ethics this will certainly be a plus or a distinct advantage for a company, both in the long term and medium. The function of business ethics such as can reduce the funds resulting from prevention of the possibility of friction or split, both from the internal company itself and extern. In addition, the application of business ethics also serves to evoke the motivation of workers to continue to increase, protect the principle of trade or trade in freedom, and can create competitive advantage. In general, a company’s less ethical actions will make consumers become hooked and in the end there will be an act of retaliation. As an example of prohibiting the circulation of a product, a boycott movement, and the like, then what happens is a decrease in the sale value and also the company.
Nama : rico prianggara

Kelas : 2D manajemen

Mk.    : bahasa inggris

Job interviews

A job interview is a type of stage in a job selection involving a conversation between an applicant / job seeker with a representative from an employing organization to see if a prospective worker is the right candidate or not. Before the job interview phase is usually preceded by a summary evaluation of each job seeker’s resume, then the company will select a small number of candidates to perform the next process is the job interview. Until now, job interviews are still seen as one of the most important processes for a company to evaluate potential employees that the company needs. In the job interview stage allows prospective employees to be able to get information about work culture and regulations within a company. Job interviews usually have several stages. In Indonesia, usually the earliest stages after the administrative selection are interviews with recruitment staff, subsequent job interviews with prospective employers, or may be the board of directors, even some companies use the services of professional consultants from Psychologists to gain more potential, loyal, and spiritually healthy employees.

Types of job interviews: 

✔Selection: If applicants or candidates to occupy positions amounted to more than one person then, conducted a job interview to select who among the most qualified candidates so that it can proceed to the next selection stage. Selection interviews usually last a short time between 15-30 minutes. 

✔Telephone Interviews: In order to save costs and time efficiency, many recruiter conduct telephone interviews. Therefore, applicants should be available to be contacted at any time, because often the recruiter does not provide an option for the applicant to determine the time when he or she is ready to be interviewed by phone

 ✔Interviews on campus or school: While not many companies conduct interviews on campus, but for certain companies seeking graduates for further training, this is a very effective way of providing access for the company to get the best candidates that may be very difficult to obtain If waiting for the candidate to come apply. 

✔Teleconference Interviews: The development of today’s technology world allows this interview to be conducted. Several companies in Indonesia have done this kind of interview. Interviews at Work ✔Exhibitions: Workshops are held to bridge companies with job seekers.
Nama : rico prianggara

Kelas : 2 D manajemen

MK    : bahasa inggris